Serving patrons like yourself as McDowell Management & Realty since 1992.

As a Seller, you can be assured that we will help you price your property correctly for the current market. Pricing real estate is more important than location, location, to move the property in a timely manner.    An under priced property leaves some of the seller’s money on the table while over pricing real estate does nobody any good and eventually hinders you as property seller from getting the property sold. As a seller you’ll benefit from our Real Estate pricing and sales expertise no matter what the market. We keep our finger on the market pulse so that as a seller, you’re assured that you’re selling for what the market is willing to offer.

As real estate professionals, we take pride in knowing what the market is doing.  We don’t make the market, but we do report to you whether the market is going up, down or is steady.  When you list with McDowell Realty, we complete a market analysis for you as part of your listing. This report analyzes  sales that are comparable to your property before recommending a listing price.   You don’t want your house on the market forever and we don’t want a perpetual listing.  Our goal —  price your house to sell within 45 days

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